Customer Benefits



The UI / UX is intuitive, familiar and modern. Content updates dynamically, meaning there will always be something new and fresh to read that is relevant to the target audience.


Respect users’ time

A user’s time is their most valuable commodity, 8pod ensures it is well spent. The unit’s adaptive nature creates an online environment users want to spend time in.



Content in the 8pod is accurately targeted, ensuring users will find more relevance in the unit, whilst spending more time exploring the brand.



No two 8pods an audience sees will be the same, as the content will update constantly, this also adds more longevity to brands’ content whilst avoiding creative fatigue.

Brand Benefits


Time in brand

8POD is designed to encourage interaction and dwell time, meaning users spend more time on brands than they normally would on other advertising units. An experience that feels autonomous, intuitive and personalised, it’s a brand new ad unit, so the experience is unique.



The tech is fully transparent and all reporting data will be available via live dashboards. KPIs will also be agreed to prior to commencing campaigns.


Brand Uplift

8pod’s reporting and efficiencies will help to understand the perception and performance of a brand’s marketing efforts. It’s an ad unit which serves an organic goal, brand salience. By finding users and increasing awareness and share of mind, brands will see an uplift all the way through the marketing funnel.



Brands will be able to track familiar performance metrics of the campaign, however, the audience and content performance insights are bespoke to 8pod, making it a unique way to understand a brand.



Brands stay in control of their content, whilst having access to all associated performance and insights metrics. Plug and play into any brand or agency ecosystem.